Personal insurance can appear straightforward – you cover your house, your cars, your jewelry and your assets in case of an accident, right? However, once you start adding multiple homes, watercraft, collectables, trusts, life-events, etc. it is easy to either become under or inappropriately insured. And, if you are trying to fit all aspects of your complex life into one insurer’s product lines, you may end up paying more for the wrong coverage.

Why Choose Wharton & Power Insurance for Your Personal Insurance?

The W&P Team takes a unique approach to insurance. Rather than attack each area piece meal, we create a comprehensive risk management plan that addresses every aspect of your life. And, as independent insurance brokers, we are able to find the best fit for your unique situation over multiple A-rated providers. We meet with you to discuss current lifestyle as well as your future plans, and then examine your current coverage for errors omissions. We craft and present a comprehensive risk management plan and discuss your options. At the end of the process you leave with a high-quality, cost-effective and appropriate insurance portfolio.

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