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November 7, 2014
Millennial Disability Insurance

Millennials: Consider Holding A Disability Policy Outside of Your Employer’s Plan

Millennials, you truly live in the new world of employment. Long gone are the days of staying at one company for your whole career – or even for five years! With each job change comes a new benefits package to decipher and supplement. With all of this expected change in mind, you may want to consider buying short and long-term disability policies outside of your current employer’s plan. Disability insurance protects you from losing all of your income if you were to become incapable of working – either for a short or long term basis. Short-term policies kick in after you have exhausted any sick leave offered by your employer. Depending on the policy, terms can run from 9 to 52 weeks. Long-term disability pays you a portion of your income after you have exhausted sick leave and your short-term policy. Again, terms depend upon your policy, but most run until age 65. Unexpected injuries or illnesses that keep you form working can place a financial strain on you and your family. Disability insurance helps provide peace of mind during an already stressful time. Send us an email or give us call at 317.663.4138 to discuss your disability insurance options.
September 12, 2014
disability insurance

10 Athletes Who Remind Us Why We Need Disability Insurance

Photo courtesy of AP & LifeHealthPro.com Life gets busy, and it is easy to let boring items like disability insurance fall by the wayside. When you buy a house or a car, you are required by law to keep an insurance policy. However, there is no such demand when you secure a job. Although everyone can be kept from work due to an injury or illness, professional athletes rely completely on the ability of their bodies to function at a high level. These ten athletes will give you a good reminder of the necessity of securing short and long-term disability coverage. And, while many employers offer disability insurance coverage, it is important to understand the limits of the policy. We can review your coverage with you to make sure there is not a need for supplemental policies to cover your actual expenses. Just give us a call at 317.663.4138 or send us an email.
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