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July 10, 2019
independent insurance broker

Complicated Life? How an Independent Insurance Broker Can Help Protect It

The Wharton & Powers Team prides itself on being an independent insurance broker focused on comprehensive risk protection. But what does that really mean for you? You may relate to the following story, which illustrates how our business model helps protect our clients’ complicated lives. One of our clients is a good reflection of many of the people we serve: he is a family man and business owner. His company has locations in Indiana and Texas, and we provide business insurance and group health insurance to both. On the personal side, he and his wife own a brand new home in Carmel along with the house they used to live in, a lake cottage, five vehicles, jewelry, etc. Needless to say, there are many moving parts to his life. Our client reached out to us recently about a home he and his wife are in the process of purchasing in Siesta Key, Florida. They plan to use it for themselves and as a rental. The first complication here is that the home is located in Florida; it’s difficult to insure homes in that state because of hurricanes and the proximity to water. Compounding the problem is the plan to rent it out, since those properties have the reputation of not being as well cared for as when the owner lives there. Florida A-rated insurance companies really do not want to touch this type of coverage. And, most affiliated insurance brokers can only write policies within the areas they are located, which means our client would have to develop a new relationship in Florida. Fortunately, our client works with us. All of the properties our client owns currently were insured by the same company which did not want to take on the Florida place. Regardless of how well they knew and liked him (especially the income he provides), they said no. All homeowners know you cannot get a mortgage without homeowner insurance and the closing was coming up fast.  As an independent insurance broker, we are not tied to one insurance company for coverage. Also, we have been in business for over 28 years and have strong relationships with multiple underwriters. Our network helped us find a broker in Florida who was willing to offer coverage. In addition, we were instrumental in ensuring our client was able to close on the new home when complications with the deal arose. Being a full line independent insurance agency, we were able to tap our extensive resources to get our client what he needed. And, were are not beholden to one company’s process, quotas and rules. Insurance agencies affiliated with one underwriter do not have the flexibility to help cover complicated lives. Like you, our clients do not live one-dimensional lives. Wharton & Powers is perfectly suited to help you protect every aspect. Reach out to us to learn more.
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