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September 18, 2019

The PEO Difference in Payroll Services

As a business owner, you have many options for managing your payroll. However, there are key advantages to using Professional Employer Organizations, or PEOs, over other types of service providers: 1) The Value of Co-Employment Contracting with a PEO like WorkSmart Systems means you enter into a co-employment agreement. By grouping together all of the employees they serve, WorkSmart is able to offer you the benefits of economies of scale. These benefits go beyond cost-savings. You also gain the service, […]
February 20, 2015

Hollywood’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies

Just in time for the Oscars this weekend, Fast Company published their list of the World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Hollywood. Organizations were chosen for their use of technology to further their industry in terms of content or delivery, as well as for applying innovative ideas purely to better entertain us. To evolve, every industry must innovate. What changes have you seen in your business that keeps the momentum moving toward a healthy future?
February 13, 2015

Our Valentine’s Gift To You: 15 Ways to Beat Procrastination Infographic

For those of you who will be rushing around tomorrow buying the perfect last-minute gift for your sweetheart, we offer you this infographic from Essay.Expert on 15 ways to overcome procrastination. You are welcome.
February 11, 2015

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

We recently came across an article from Entrepreneur on the 10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur. It started us wondering if our business owner clients would agree with their list. Contributor Larry Alton suggests that the following will lead one down the path of successful business ownership: 1) Love what you do 2) Take baby steps 3) Learn from others 4) Learn to self-promote 5) Constantly take action 6) Make a plan 7) Build a reputation 8) It’s never […]
February 6, 2015

Is Your Career Included in the Top 100 Jobs of 2015?

U.S World News and Report released their Best Job ranking for 2015 in January – is your career on the list? The publication looked to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for a collection of viable career paths, and then placed the list through a formula of desired job criteria. The top 10 jobs land solidly in the medical or technology industries, with Dentist and Nurse Practitioner ranking #1 and #2 respectively, and Software Developer ranking #3. We were happy […]
February 4, 2015

Hiring Consultants: Complete a Vetting Process

Hiring consultants to supplement business activities is commonplace these days. Outside help can be a valuable solution for tapping into a particular expertise or for filling a need without the implications of becoming an employer. Although these contractors will not become a part of your payroll, they will become a part of your team. In a recent article in Entrepreneur, contributor Rob Beiderman reminds business owners to put consultants through a rigorous hiring process, just like they would for an […]
January 30, 2015

Are You Prepared to Lead the Workforce of Tomorrow?

Studies show that the workforce of the future is going to look quite different than the one we have today. Is your business prepared? Fast Company recently release an article discussing the measures companies need to take now in order to have effective leaders later. According to the piece, the evolving workforce will include more women and minorities, and will constitute over 50% Millennials. Also growing is the practice of hiring of temporary, part-time and contractor labor instead of maintaining […]
January 23, 2015

Top 10 Cities to Find A Job in 2015

WalletHub recently release a report ranking US cities on a person’s ability to find a job. Their research uncovered a positive outlook for the job market overall, with recent college grads garnering the greatest benefit to the growth in planned hiring. To create their list of top cities for employment, they analyzed 150 US cities using 16 key metrics. Indianapolis ranked 93rd on the list, landing 69th in the Job Market category and 109th in the Socioeconomic Environment category. Click […]
January 21, 2015

The Value of Creating A Strong Business Plan

Entrepreneurs are a lively bunch, brimming with optimism and belief in the premise behind their businesses. Their interests tend to lie in creating the product or service they are going to sell and convincing their customer base to buy it. For many of these busy business owners, creating a business plan seems unnecessary. We’ve heard comments like “Plans are limiting” or “My time needs to be spent growing revenue.” However, a formulating a business plan can offer many advantages. Entreprenuer […]
December 19, 2014

Are There Only 12 Types of Millennials?

Can a whole generation be generalized into 12 types? AdWeek recently reported on a presentation by Exponential vice president Bryan Melmed at their recent Advertizing Week in New York, outlining the 12 types of millenials, people aged 18-35. Exponential analyzed data from over 4 million members of this group [to come up with these categories] and came up with the categories. According to the AdWeek article, “each group is largely defined by its reaction to three major forces: the economy, globalization […]
December 17, 2014

Tips on Hiring the Right Employees

Growing your business usually means bringing on key employees. Whether they manage your data, sell to your customers, or build your widgets, to be effective they need to meet your needs for that position. With all of the resumes hitting your desk, how do you choose the right people to add to your team? Entrepreneur contributor, Marty Fukuda, recently published a blog post on the 5 Essential Ingredients for Making a Smart Hire. One of his rules of thumb is […]
December 10, 2014

What Happens to Your Business if Something Happens to You?

You are the leader of your organization, the one who sets the direction and ensures that everyone stays on course. Even if you have created a talented team for support, your organization still needs a captain at the helm. So what happens if you are no longer able to lead? For the health of the business you have worked so hard to build, you need a plan in place. Life insurance is commonly included in business succession plans as a […]