As a C-Suite professional, you have worked tirelessly to build your business to where it is today. Protecting what you have already created will help you achieve your vision for its future. Large, medium and small businesses alike are prone to risks from accidents, misunderstandings, and disasters. The Wharton & Powers Team can help you prepare for the possibilities so your business can better weather the unexpected.

Why Choose Wharton & Power Insurance for Your Business Insurance?

Chances are there is more to your life than your business. Do you have a home? A second home? Multiple cars? A family? At W&P we bring all aspects of your life under one umbrella, creating a comprehensive risk management plan that protects everything, not bits and pieces. Just like you apply strategy to your business, we approach insuring the fruits of your labor with a strategic mindset. As independent insurance brokers, we are not limited to the products offered by one provider. We are able to pick and choose the most appropriate and cost-effective coverage for your situation over many trusted insurers.

Business Insurance

Workers’ Compensation

Business Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Liability

Employee Practice Liability

Employee Benefits

Group Health & Dental Insurance

PEO Services

Benefit Packages

Employee Handbooks


Group Health Insurance

2- 50 employees

50 + employees

multiple packages

supplemental insurance options

Disability Insurance

Business owner


Life Insurance

Business owner


Wellness Programs

Biometric screenings

Personal health coaching

Group classes

Incentive-based programs

Smoking cessation and weight loss programs

Payroll/ HR/ Benefits Administration

PEO –Based Model

Payroll Services

Workers’ Compensation

Human Resources & Benefits

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)


Placing the many moving parts of protecting your business under one roof can save you time, money and headaches from being under- or inappropriately insured. Wharton & Power Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for every aspect of your business.